• Polina Fayet

Your best year ever!

Resolutions get a bad reputation. We personally love a good motivation boost, a reset, or a re-evaluation of priorities at the beginning of a new year. Here are some tips to have your best year ever!

Creating meaningful resolutions

#1. Deep introspection: spend some quality time with yourself, and explore what you want to gain this upcoming year. Check out our journal prompts for the new year!

#2. Healthy habits: Instead of focusing on results or end goals, focus on developing healthy, sustainable habits. For example, instead of setting a goal of reading 20 books this year, set an intention of reading 30 minutes at least three times a week.

#3. Try something new: Aerial Yoga, a Sound Bath, or something you wouldn’t think you’d like or are capable of - you might just surprise yourself!

Stay on track

#4. Reminders: Write it down somewhere you can see it daily, set reminders on your phone (e.g. weekly reminders to book your next yoga class), or journal on it frequently.

#5. Accountability partners: Tell three people about what you’ll accomplish this year - ask them to hold you accountable.. better yet, bring them along on the journey!

#6. Getting back on track: Don’t get upset if your efforts get derailed. Life happens! Reward yourself for getting back on track.

How we can help

If establishing or maintaining a regular yoga practice is part of your goals this year, we can help! Book your next class today or check out our New Student Special introductory offer - 30 days of unlimited yoga classes for only $50! New to yoga? Check out this blog post.

What’s one new habit you want to implement this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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